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Why use Reson8?
Engage customers on their preferred channels using a single platform.
Automated Shortened Links Reson8 customers can easily convert long URLs to shortened ones to be included in SMS messages. These links can be tracked to measure the open rate as well.
Role-Based Access Control Set up your account with predefined roles to control the access for different sub-users that are using various messaging modules.
SMS Forwarding Use Reson8 Online to forward SMS messages to any of your contacts at the click of a button without the need to create a new campaign or do any extra steps.
Message Processing Infrastructure On-premise or hosted options for an easy to integrate and immediate messaging solution
Template Management Reson8 Online provides you with the option to create and save personalized message templates or use one of the pre-existing templates with Reson8 API to communicate with your customers in an engaging way.
DND Reson8 Engine does not allow users to send marketing messages to customers during the do-not-disturb hours.
Message Scheduling Create and schedule your message campaigns in advance and let Reson8 deliver your messages on time. Read about how you can use recurring campaigns to set the recipients list, text material and time to avoid delays or last minute issues.
Reports Reson8 provides several reports to help you track and analyze your progress and performance.
Manage and Track Campaigns Reson8 provides the option to create multiple users with different roles for campaign management. Use built-in reports to track campaign trends, delivery status and subscriber interactions.
24/7 Support Reson8 provides you with 24 hour support. Connect with our specialists at any time via email or phone for help on your queries or issues.
Recurring SMS Schedule messages in advance to be sent out monthly, daily or weekly. Embrace the joy of setting up frustration-free automated campaigns.

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