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SMS messages are read within 90 seconds of being received and have an open rate of 98%. This is why so many energy, power and utilities companies and services use SMS to communicate with their staff and customers.

Reson8 API can be easily integrated with any utility, maintenance, infrastructure and network monitoring software or application.

Using SMS utility companies and services can:

  • Send power outage and restoration notification to customers
  • Notify customers of service disruptions
  • Provide 2-way short codes for customers to send responses or feedback
  • Communicate with staff regarding maintenance schedules or site visits
  • Remind customers about bill payments
  • Send staff critical alerts regarding infrastructure monitoring or water levels
  • Inform customers about rate changes

Reson8 has already deployed the Enterprise solution for large utility companies in the UAE like ADWEA and ADNOC.

Using Reson8 lets you communicate with your customers anywhere, any time to provide them with an enhanced experience while also eliminating wait times and the costs of phone calls.


Implement SMS utility solutions for your business today!