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The recruitment industry has seen several changes over the years with a large percentage of companies and nearly all candidates using online databases and recruitment websites for job posting and job hunting.

Integrate your HR Management System (HRMS) with Reson8 to send notifications to candidates regarding new job positions, interview dates, reminders and more via SMS.

HR departments for large companies can use SMS as a main channel for seeking out the best candidates and performers to fill out the positions.

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Why use Reson8?
Attract more job seekers and streamline the recruitment process with Reson8

Allow candidates to scan the QR Code in an advertisement and send an SMS to apply for a position

Send automated alerts to notify candidates of new vacancies that match their requirements

Confirm appointments for candidates by sending them personalised SMS using Reson8

Automatically broadcast alerts to multiple candidates when new job postings are added to the website

Provide short codes for candidates to confirm their acceptance of offers

Provide short codes for customer call back actions

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