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SMS messages have an open rate of 98% as compared to emails which only have an open rate of 20%.

Let everyone know about your fundraising or charity event using Reson8.

Using Reson8, welfare organisations can:

  • Raise awareness about fundraisers or donations required
  • Use 2-way shortcodes to schedule and confirm volunteers for events or programs
  • Update supporters about events or causes
  • Send thank you messages
  • Communicate with staff about schedule changes or updates
  • Share important information and tips
  • Provide an SMS "hotline" for proactive citizens to alert the government of issues

Integrate with Reson8 SMS API to motivate supporters to take action, spread awareness about your cause and donate.

SMS is the most effective way of communication and can be used to manage volunteers and improve internal communications with the staff.

Contact us to set up premium short-codes to make it easier for supporters to send direct mobile donations. We can help in procuring unique short codes with custom donation rates.

Spread awareness, get more donations and boost volunteer engagement with Reson8