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What is Reson8 GSM?
Reson8 GSM is an on premise SMS solution which does not require any dependencies or additional software.
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It can be used to send messages for one-way sms and two-way responses.

A leading watch distribution company in the UAE integrated Reson8 GSM with their CRM to capture customer feedback and responses for service notifications. Reson8 GSM has been deployed across multiple countries to capture feedback, leads and data from various outlets.

Requirements to set up Reson8 GSM:

Large Corporates

A Reson8 account

GSM/GPRS modem (type is based on connectivity levels)

GSM/GPRS modem (type is based on connectivity levels)

SIM card

SIM card

Large Corporates

Reson8 web service installed on client's premises

That's it! Quick, convenient and easy to use.

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Why choose Reson8 GSM?
Digitise your communications and get extensive coverage with Reson8 GSM

Reliable SMS technology

Security & quality assured

Global network coverage

Send SMS messages directly from your GSM/4G/GPRS

No additional fees or hidden costs

Receive alerts when the system/service is down

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