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Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that can reach audiences anywhere at any time.

An end user does not require a particular application to be open to be able to receive push notifications, hence, a user can see these notification even if the phone is locked or if the app is not running.

Nowadays users have a hard time remembering what apps they have on their devices. Push notifications solve this issue by delivering timely and relevant information to users.

You can even send push notifications via the web to reach users while they are looking at other sites through their desktop or mobile device.

Web push notifications can be delivered to a user’s desktop or mobile device whenever they are connected to internet and have their browser open. Users do not need to be on any website in particular to receive these push messages. This makes web push notifications a powerful way for website owners to stay connected with their visitors.

Integrate your apps with Reson8 to send push notifications via a website or mobile app to your customers.

Deliver high-impact experiences with each message backed by powerful insights and unique features.

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Why use Reson8 Push Notifications?
Reach all your customers through a single, powerful, intuitive, on-premise platform

Quick and easy set-up. No coding required

Get access to real-time reports to view delivery & conversion performance for each message

Send messages to millions of customers with our scalability

Create engaging, personalised messages & send them to the right audiences with our targeted segmentation

Test and schedule your messages to be sent at optimal times

Integrate Reson8 Push with any app or website

Reson8 Push Notifications are very simple and easy to use, create your message with a dynamic call-to-action, include images, and a personalised touch and launch!

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