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How our HLR Number Validator can increase your profit?
Easily find and verify the status of a mobile number using Reson8 HLR lookup
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  • HLR is an abbreviation for Home Location Register. Our HLR Number Validator service provides you with the opportunity to verify all the numbers in your database to ensure they are all currently in use and able to receive your messages.
  • Data is retrieved in real time from a mobile network HLR by requesting routing information about a given mobile number via the mobile signaling network.
  • The HLR Number Validator helps in cutting down the communication cost and time by maintaining a healthy database of mobile numbers.
  • HLR lookup helps in finding out information related to the status of any mobile phone number. It provides information on the home network of a mobile subscriber, whether the number is valid, whether the number is active, whether the number is on roaming or whether the number is ported to some other network.
Common reasons for using the HLR Number Validator
Easy to integrate and use
  • HLR lookup is the most cost-effective method to validate mobile numbers, contact us to cleanup mobile number databases by removing invalid and deactivated numbers. This reduces cost of sending SMS to only valid numbers.
  • To identify the network a number belongs to for research.
  • Troubleshoot SMS delivery problems by identifying if a mobile number is valid.
  • To identify if a number is roaming abroad.

Businesses across the globe use HLR lookup for a number of unique reasons; such as maintaining and managing accurate data, pinpointing a specific audience.

When you do not necessarily send messages to numbers who are invalid, or most likely to not receive the messages because the numbers are inoperative, you save money.

If you would like to use our HLR Number Validator for your mobile database, get in touch with the Reson8 support team.