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Optimize your SMS marketing campaigns and generate a higher return of investment with targeted SMS campaigns.

Targeted SMS messages allow you to send information, reminders and tips to your customers based on relevancy and their interest areas.

Read more about industry specific use cases here.

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Marketing-SMS Reson8

Reson8 can be used to send promotional and transactional messages to segmented target customers based on the selected profile.

You can choose to filter mobile numbers from your subscribed customers data using gender, location, nationality and other parameters to make sure you send the customised message to the right recipient in order generate a better response for your campaign.

Using our parameterized templates to personalize your communication directly in the web interface or using data from your CRM.

To learn more about how you can connect your ERP, CRM and other custom apps to our SMS API click here.

Leverage the power of targeted SMS messages to get instant results!