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Text messaging has transformed how we communicate and has become the go-to channel of communication.

Integrating Reson8 Enterprise with your financial applications and software can help enhance the experience of your customers and provide them with a seamless and secure service. Using Reson8 Enterprise can help banks and financial institutions tap into the power of SMS and reach out to their customers quickly and effectively.

With Reson8 you can market your services more successfully, prevent frauds with 2 factor authentication using OTP and simplify the communication process with automated SMS messages.

Our 2-way SMS messaging allows you to communicate with your customers without the hassle of phone calls or emails.

Use Reson8 at money exchanges, forex tradings, banks and financial institutions to send notifications, alerts and reminders for SMS and mobile banking.

Use Cases
Reson8 can be used to prevent fraud, engage with clients and streamline operations

Card Activation

Providing an automated option to activate new credit or debit cards using SMS ensures immediate activation for spending, security, and customer satisfaction. 2-way SMS for first-time use activation can securely and accurately help authorized customers confirm the card activation process and provide them the convenience to immediately activate and use their cards.

Alerts on unexpected events

Balance Alerts

Using intelligent automated alerts, banks and financial institutes can notify their customers of available balance on their accounts and credit cards to help them manage their finances better. Customers can also be provided "pull" SMS options to request their credit card or account balances.

Attendance Alerts

Bill Reminders

To help prevent late fees, missed payments and reduced payment processing costs; automated bill payment reminders can be sent to customers several days prior to their due date.

Reminders on Parent-Teacher Meetings

Purchase Alerts

With so many customers using their smartphones for online transactions, they can be sent SMS messages regarding payment confirmation, delivery information and feedback on shopping experience.

Study Reminders

Eliminate endless wait times and paper communications! Send alerts and notifications via SMS