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Developers of mobile applications can use Reson8 SMS Retriever API to perform SMS-based user verification in your Android app automatically.

Using the Android SMS Retriever API from Google Play Services and Reson8 SMS API, your app can be developed to verify the user's phone number and signup without requiring the user to manually type verification codes, and without requiring any extra app permissions.

By implementing this enhancement, your Android application won't have to ask for permission to read SMS messages.

Retriever API
For your end-users the automatic SMS verification can follow the process as shown below:
Retriever API Flow

Once a user registers or signs up for the app, an SMS verification process is initiated.


The app prompts the user to provide a phone number or uses the hint picker to detect the number automatically.


After integrating the API, the app will automatically request a unique code to verify the user.


The server will create a one-time password (OTP) and associates it with the user's phone number.


This unique code will be sent via SMS from your server.


The server then uses Reson8's Retriever API to send an SMS message with the OTP and the app hash to the requesting phone number.


The SMS Retriever API requires a suffix and prefix with the app hash.


When the user's device receives the SMS message, Google Play services uses the app hash to determine that the message is intended for the app, and makes the message text available to the app through the SMS Retriever API.


The app then sends out the OTP from the message text and sends it back to your server.


The server receives the OTP code from the app, verifies the code, and hence verifies the user.

Using Reson8's Retriever API, you can now make the signup and verification process simpler and easier for your customers and app users!