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Real estate industry professionals understand the value of prompt follow up and response to customer needs. In action, delayed responses or lack of knowledge may lead to a loss of business and damage the reputation of the agency.

Realtors need to employ clever text messaging solutions to make sure they maintain good relations and a consistent communication channel with their audience of potential buyers.

Most buyers prefer communicating with realtors and receiving updates via text over phone calls or emails.

Automate the channel of communication with Reson8 API to engage with buyers and help find them the right property.

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Using Reson8, real estate agencies can
Generate leads and stay in contact with tenants, landlords, potential customers and staff with Reson8
  • Notify buyers of open days
  • Inform potential buyers about available houses and properties
  • Use 2-way shortcodes to answer buyer questions
  • Send rent reminders
  • Improve internal communication with staff about new listings or changes
  • Send photos of the property to interested buyers
  • Generate leads and follow up with them
  • Schedule viewing appointments with potential buyers
  • Keep tenants updated about renewals
  • Arrange for repairs and maintenance

Reson8 is capable of integrating with any property management, ERP or CRM software. Enhance the way in which you communicate with potential buyers to create interest and boost sales.

Increase the lead generation and sales of your real-estate agency with Reson8.