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Reson8’s WooCommerce Plugin works with your eCommerce store built using WordPress WooCommerce to automate your order notification and marketing using Reson8’s SMS service! Send out OTP verification codes, order status alerts, promotions and much more to customers!

  • Configure your eCommerce portal to notify customers when they place an order, updated, and shipped.
  • Inform site managers on stock issues
  • Send promotional messages with shortened URLs
  • Validate customer contact numbers using OTP verification

...and more!

How do I register?

Sign up for a Reson8 account and get access to WooCommerce SMS Plugin, its that easy!
Features and use of WooSMS plugin

Setup an OTP process for user authentications at registration stage and at the checkout stage

Send order process information via SMS

Verify customer contact mobile number when they sign up for an account on your eCommerce portal

Ready to start? Sign up for your Reson8 Account and get the download link for the plug-in to start your integration!