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The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving and dealing with various advancements and changes. The most recent one being the adoption of using SMS messages to respond to critical situations and deal with sudden issues that crop up.

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A leading oil and gas company based in the UAE uses Reson8 Enterprise to send out automated text messages to their staff for reminders and alerts directly from their HR backend. They also use Reson8 to notify customers of their loyalty point balances.


One of the leading utilities provider uses Reson8 Enterprise to send out real-time updates, instant alerts, reminders, and to communicate.


A major rig construction business uses Reson8 Enterprise to send SMS report updates, send alerts communicate with their field personnel, engineers and technicians.


A leading oil company in the UAE uses Reson8 API to integrate with internal applications to send out alerts, submit accident reports, publish safety quizzes and get feedback. Additionally, they send out HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) safety alerts and notices using Reson8.


An integrated solutions provider across the global oil & gas, renewables, subsea & defence markets uses Reson8 Email to SMS to send out critical alerts via SMS from their system to notify their team members about changes in the GPS position of offshore buoys.

The system also sends out trigger alerts to the offshore team in the event that critical thresholds are reached or a danger level is detected, so that engineers can be notified immediately for necessary precautions to be taken.

Two-way SMS

You can also use two-way SMS messages to get feedback and updates from engineers, technicians and field personnel.

Seamlessly communicate to transfer data in a reliable and effective manner across the oil and gas industry. Interested?