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Convert your Email to SMS
Convert your Email alerts to SMS and get critical information to your recipients instantly

Reson8's Email to SMS functionality converts Emails into SMS messages and delivers them to your customers or critical recipients quickly. Using Resonn8's two way capability you can also convert SMS to email and send it to your applications for further processing.

It has been shown that people tend to pay more attention to text messages than to emails. Leverage the power of SMS to grow your business and reach your customers in real-time.

Reson8 Email to SMS can be integrated with your existing software and applications. It can also be customised to convert emails to SMS from any email platform.

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Why use Reson8 email to SMS?
Improve your business processes and communication with Email to SMS without any major investments.

Quick and easy set up

No new software required

Emails can be converted to SMS from any program like: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook and more

Send group or individual SMS messages from your current email client

Cost-effective way of engaging with your customers

Reliable - track and view comprehensive reports of delivered, read or failed messages

Compatible with any web interface platform like desktop, mobile or tablet

Convenient and easy to use

Enhanced security with checksum based approach

Who can use Reson8 Email to SMS?
Who can use Reson8 Email to SMS?
Trusted by businesses across all industries

Reson8 Email to SMS can be used by all major industries like hospitality, financial, F&B and many more.

Organisations across the Oil and Gas Industry use this functionality to send trigger alerts, updates and reports.

Use Reson8 Email to SMS to send critical server alerts via SMS.

Integrate Reson8 Email to SMS with management systems like HPOpenView to send system monitoring notifications.

Database administrators can setup Reson8 Email to SMS to receive triggers from their database applications.

Reson8 has the capability to connect to Enterprise Asset management (EAM) systems like Proteus , Maximo and more to send maintenance alerts. In addition, it can also be integrated with IOT applications. These integrations can be used to send monitoring notifications and critical alerts to customers and users.

Read about how Dr Nicolas & ASP integrated Reson8 Email to SMS with their R4 Dental Management System to send appointment confirmation messages to patients which helped reduce workload and improve customer satisfaction.

How it work?
No technical skills required, easy to configure and setup
Large Corporates

Step One

Create and send messages from your existing applications

Banks and Financial Institutes

Step Two

Reson8 converts the email into SMS messages

Government Agencies

Step 3

Customers receive the converted email as a SMS instantly and can even respond to it

Integrate with Reson8 and communicate with your recipients instantly! Talk to us to know more.