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With 98% of all text messages being read, it is the best way of reminding patients about appointments.

Working in healthcare can be complicated enough. Do not let slow, unreliable and miscommunication complicate it further. Integrate your existing medical application with Reosn8 SMS API to send booking reminders and confirmation to your patients or to inform them of any changes or delays. Update your staff about shift changes, delays and tasks to avoid any last minute issues.

Using SMS to communicate with your staff and patients saves time, delays, reduces costs and no-shows.

Using Reson8 along with your medical application can be used to:

  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments
  • Send medication reminders
  • Ask for feedback on the visit
  • Send post-op care instructions
  • Offer discounts on consultation or medicines
  • Send short codes to track responses for appointment notifications and for feedback replies

Read about how hospitals and clinics can leverage the power SMS messages to effectively manage appointments, reduce delays and last minute cancellations here.

The benefits of this integration is providing a better experience for the patient, reducing cost of phone calls and decreasing the rate of no-shows.

Read about how Dr Nicolas & ASP integrated Reson8 with their R4 Dental Management System to send appointment confirmation messages to patients which helped reduce workload and improve customer satisfaction.

Reson8 has the capability to integrate with any medical application, clinic management and hospital information system like D4 dental system, Intuit medical application, Practo medical application, Topline medical application, Tendercare medical application and to send automated SMS notifications.

To know more about Reson8 and how to customise it as per your requirements talk to our sales team.