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Text messages have an open rate of 98%, with 90% of them being read within 3 seconds! Reduce no-shows and appointment cancellations with SMS reminders

By integrating Reson8 with your existing software you can send automated notifications to customers of upcoming appointments. Using short codes to send two-way messages gives customers the option to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments.

With Reson8 API you only pay for what you use, no unnecessary charges!. For small businesses SMS is a cost-effective and engaging way of maintaining contact with your customers in order to provide timely and quality service.

Everything has become mobile first today, with people using their phones to make reservations, shop and book appointments.

Using SMS to send reminders is a great option for small businesses as it is not only cost-effective but can be sent at any time to anyone; whether local or international. SMS is convenient for customers to use as well, because they do not need a smartphone to receive texts and can reply without the use of Wi-Fi or any other technologies.

Reson8 API provides a fast and reliable global message delivery without breaking the bank. Messages can be created in any length, language or format. Our platform ensures the proper coding is done so that the messages are legible and properly displayed on any type of device.

Reduce no-shows with automated SMS appointment reminders

With everyone always being on the go they are likely to forget appointments.

Send clients that book appointments at your spa or salon subtle reminders, giving them the option to confirm, cancel or reschedule. This reduces the chances of appointments being cancelled, missed or delayed.

SMS messages are a great way to send appointment reminders and get confirmations. It is a cost-effective and easy way of ensuring clients show up for the appointments. Additionally, it saves time of the receptionist so that they can focus on delivering great service rather than focus on making calls.

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Reduce no-shows with automated SMS appointment reminders

Reduce cancellations and delays with automated SMS appointment reminders for Hospitals and Clinics

Using text messages to engage and communicate with customers has become essential. Every year the healthcare sector loses a lot of money and time due to last minute appointment cancellations and no shows.

By integrating Reson8 API with your existing system backlogs, no-shows, cancellations and wait times can be significantly reduced. The Reson8 API is capable of integrating with all types of clinic management and hospital information systems like Dental4Windows, Practo, Topline, Capsule and Intuit.

Read about our custom integration with Dr Nicolas & ASP to extend the Kodak R4 Dental Management System with an SMS based response system and automated appointment confirmation.

Leverage the power of SMS messages to send automated reminders to patients. This also saves the time and effort of the hospital staff so they can focus on patient care.

Sending appointment reminders is just part of the communication. You can also send reminders to patients regarding pre-appointment instructions like not to eat anything before the appointment or remind them to take their medication.

Patients have found SMS reminders to be helpful and it also helps to foster loyalty while giving hospitals and patients an opportunity to interact with each other.

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Reduce cancellations and delays with automated SMS appointment reminders for Hospitals and Clinics

Improve public sector communications using SMS

Integrate Reson8 API with your existing software to reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations. Send out automated appointment reminders and emergency alerts to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

SMS messages have a wide reach and it is the fastest way to reach the public. Use the power of SMS to notify residents of upcoming events or activities. Send them reminders regarding passport and visa renewals.

SMS reminders create a healthy channel of communication and ensures citizens/residents are made aware of upcoming appointments and events. It also helps to reduce wait times and gather feedback.

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Improve public sector communications using SMS

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