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Send bulk marketing SMS messages to your targeted customers using your web account or directly through your CRM apps. Using our high performance, responsive SMS service available to customers in the United Arab Emirates and across the Middle East quickly profile, segment and launch your SMS marketing campaigns. Our effective SMS solutions are suitable small and large businesses alike.

Bulk-SMS Reson8

Use the SMS service to send targeted offers, alerts, and promotional messages, SMS voting, SMS dating services, marketing campaigns or A2P SMS messages. provides a powerful messaging platform for customers looking for high quality SMS delivery with direct channel connectivity with UAE operators; du and Etisalat, as well as a responsive and qualified team to support and manage your time critical and targeted marketing campaigns.

Create contextual, creative, effective communication with our SMS API to drive engagement, revenue and growth.

The Reson8 SMS engine has been optimized to manage channels and connections over multiple operators to handle your SMS messages with maximum precision and minimal effort.

Our precision scheduling validates the SMS traffic prior to broadcast and balances it across multiple channels so that your messages are delivered in the right format at the right time.

Check out some industry specific use cases here.

Mass mobile communication made simple and accessible.