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Mobile phones have become such an integral part of our lives that no business sector can ignore their potential. The banking industry is constantly evolving and dealing with challenges on how to reduce costs and improve margins.

Technology plays a huge role in this. With the rise of mobile users, banks and financial institutions are leveraging the power of SMS and push notifications to deliver core functionalities in terms of alerting customers of withdrawals, transactions and so much more.

Reson8’s SMS banking solution allows banks and financial institutions to communicate with customers via push and pull text notifications. Automate your workflow by integrating with Reson8 Enterprise for high-level flexibility.

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Reson8’s SMS Banking solution includes the following features:

Activation of card via SMS

User authentication via OTP and 2FA

Account balance requests

Periodic account summary notifications

Electronic bill payments

Credit card & loan payment reminders

Read about our collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Dubai to know how they use Reson8 to interact with customers.

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Why choose Reson8?

Integrates with any financial or banking software, easy-to-use

Multi-lingual SMS support

Global connectivity

Eradicates bottlenecks by enabling real-time transactional notifications and approvals

Improves interaction with customers

Assured security and data protection with a stable, powerful platform

Integrate with Reson8 for a flexible, quick and efficient banking system