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Reson8 Enterprise is the enterprise level SMS platform which provides you with high-level flexibility in deploying a messaging solution.

Automate the workflow of your enterprise via messaging. Connect with your customers in a personalised way and create an engaging mobile experience for them.

Reson8 Enterprise is created to provide an automated enterprise process equipped with the latest technology giving the user an easy to use platform. Send automated trigger SMS notifications from your applications.

Reson8 Enterprise consists of a Web Interface, and Enterprise communications platform. The platform is capable of integrating with all types of business applications using standard and secure protocols like SMPP, HTTP, REST API, SOAP API and Email-to-SMS messaging channels.

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Industries using Reson8 Enterprise
Trusted by businesses across all industries
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Reson8 Enterprise Features Include
Take advantage of the salient features of Reson8 Enterprise
  • A complete enterprise-class solution that provides intelligent and interactive communication capabilities, enabling real-time delivery of business data across mobile devices.
  • Allowing you to alert and notify your customers and mobile workforce on their mobile device wherever they are, at any time.
  • Allowing you to reach your customers wherever they are using a cost-effective and scalable alerting platform with SMS messages.
  • Access to all your information assets and reaps the benefits of data sources and delivery channels as they evolve.
  • Secure login by user name and password
How it Works?
Reson8 Enterprise - Solution Architecture
solution architecture
Why use Reson8 Enterprise?
Reach all your customers through a single, powerful, intuitive, on-premise platform

SMS Messaging Server

Server Monitor

Database Connectors

Reporting Engine

Channel Manager

Management Console

Messaging API for database connectivity and interface with in-house or 3rd party applications

Management Console allows for management of SMS services

Powerful business rules engine to process, validate and broadcast all outgoing and incoming messages

Benefits of using Reson8 Enterprise
Leverage the infrastructure and features of Reson8 for an elevated user experience

Customisable to meet individual needs while providing industry and function based solutions

High level security patches to avoid data breaches

Seamless interaction with customers

Improved communication

Can integrate using: SMPP, REST API, SOAP API, HTTP

Directly deployed on customer's server for use

Scale your business with Reson8 Enterprise Solution!