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SMS for government agencies
Ensure your SMS messages reach the right people at the right time
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98% of all text messages are read, making it the best way to communicate with a mass audience. All mobile phones may not support websites or new features, but all of them do support SMS.

Integrate Reson8 API with your custom applications to improve communications with the public sector.

Using SMS, government agencies can:

  • Announce results
  • Send alerts in multiple languages
  • Send announcements of government initiatives or events
  • Provide 2-way short codes to get feedback or a response from the public
  • Send alerts during natural disasters or service outages
  • Provide value added government services through use of QR codes and 2 way SMS short codes
  • Provide an SMS "hotline" for proactive citizens to alert government of issues

With the use of Reson8 Enterprise government agencies can leverage the power of SMS messages to communicate with the public quickly and effectively.

SMS for legal agencies
Disseminate important information to a larger audience instantly

Legal professionals have busy schedules which makes SMS messages the best way to communicate with clients regarding appointment confirmations, changes or cancellations.

Reson8 API can be easily integrated with any legal practice management software to send clients and staff member's reminders, alerts, notifications and much more.

Using SMS, legal agencies can:

  • Confirm appointments for clients
  • Broadcast new legal decisions or government announcements to lawyers
  • Providing short codes for customers to respond or give feedback
  • Update lawyers of new appointments, change in schedules, missed calls or meeting reminders
  • Automatically broadcast alerts to multiple candidates when new job postings are added to the website

The obvious advantage of integrating Reson8 with your applications are the savings in cost of printing and telephone calls along with the benefits of better response rate and providing a better customer experience.

Eliminate endless phone calls and miscommunication with Reson8! Sign up for a FREE trial today.