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The entertainment and media industry is one of the most widespread and interesting industries across the globe. This industry includes movies, music, television, radio, theatres and cinemas.

Today this industry relies heavily on the internet and other digital channels to promote their offerings. At present, SMS has proved to be the most effective mode of promotion in the entertainment and media industry.

This is where Reson8 SMS API can help you increase brand awareness and boost customer loyalty. Send customers information and news related to the entertainment and media industry using Reson8’s Bulk SMS service.

Authenticate and verify users on your mobile apps with Reson8 OTP API. Securely send confidential data and information to customers using Reson8’s 2 factor authentication OTP service.

Use Cases
A few ways Reson8 SMS can be used to gain a competitive advantage in the industry

Provide Information

Show timings for Rainbow Musical have been changed to 5PM.

Use the power of SMS to inform customers about new services, offers or changes.

Increase Audience Interaction

Last chance to vote. Text VOTE & NAME of contestant to 1212.

Send customers surveys or polls to know their opinion and get feedback. Run polls or conduct voting for reality shows using short codes.

Drive Traffic to your Website

THE MOVIE now showing! Book tickets

Include your website link in promotional SMS campaigns to drive traffic and engage customers.

Send Invites or Tickets

Your tickets for THE MOVIE have been booked. Booking ID:1111

Integrate your ticketing applications with Reson8 API to send invites, tickets, show details, venue changes and so much more via SMS to keep customers updated.

Offer Discounts

Happy hour alert! Book tickets from 8AM-12PM to get 15% off.

Send promotional SMS to customers informing them of discounts and offers to attract them.

Promote Shows and Programs

Your favourite singer Shadow is back in town! Book tickets now.

Remind customers of the latest movie releases or send them timings of their favourite shows and programs.

Integrate with Reson8 to expand the reach of your services