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Engage with your customers on a personalised level like never before. Create and send marketing campaigns via SMS by targeting select customer groups. Communicate in real-time with your customers.

Integrate Reson8 API with your Wi-Fi system to send SMS messages to visitors. Keep customers updated on the latest events and send them reminders regarding ongoing activities or promotions. Offer special discounts to customers in the vicinity to increase engagement and prompt them to visit your store.

Free Wifi

Research shows that customers prefer stores and malls offering free Wi-Fi and are more likely to return. By integrating your Wi-Fi system with Reson8 you can send proximity based SMS to customers.

Use the captured data to customise the content you send to your customers based on past behavioural patterns, frequency of visits and demographics to increase conversion rates and prompt customers to spend.

How it helps?

  • Captures visitor flow
  • Segment customers based on visit frequency and more
  • Send automated, targeted SMS messages to customers
Wifi + Location + Marketing
Enterprise platform for airports, malls, retail, restaurants & venues


Analyze and predict curb to gate passenger flows

Customer Support

Supercharge your digital marketing and increase retail revenues

User Verification & 2FA

Behaviourally re-target your in-store shoppers

Retail & Brands

Engage with your customers and send them personalised offers & deals

How it Works?
Easy to integrate, simple to use
Choose Wi-Fi

Choose Wi-Fi

Receive OTP via SMS

Receive OTP via SMS

Register using OTP

Register using OTP

Enjoy Free Wifi

Enjoy Free Wifi

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