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Getting people to join your loyalty program and encouraging them to make use of it, is now easier than ever due to the rise of smartphones.

Reach out to your customers, keep them engaged and send them regular updates via SMS, WhatsApp, Chatbots or email using Reson8 API.

Connecting SMS or email alerts to your current loyalty program is simple, affordable and easy to do with Reson8.

Use Cases
Create a seamless communication channel between your retail outlets and customers with Reson8 automated messaging

Secure your Loyalty Applications with Reson8 OTP API

Integrate with Reson8 OTP API for a safe and secure sign up process for your loyalty and reward programs. Generate one time passwords to be sent via SMS to easily authenticate users and prevent frauds.

Efficiently manage and track the number of people signing up for your loyalty program and send reminders to customers who have probably forgotten about the great rewards they can get from using it.

Whether you are a loyalty management platform, retailer, salon, boutique or any other type of business you can easily customise your SMS or email campaigns to motivate customers to make return visits.

Reson8 is capable of integrating with all types of loyalty solutions and platforms like SAP Hybris Loyalty, Microsoft 365 and many more.

Secure Data with Reson8 OTP API

Send Customers Transactional Details

Using Reson8, send out alerts to customers to remind them to claim their benefits. Update customers on points redeemed, balance and earned.

Send Customers Transactional Details

Retarget Customers and Keep them Engaged

Use the automated system to send out birthday wishes, reminders, updates and so much more to keep customers engaged and make them feel valued.

Reach customer’s on their mobile phones instantly, where they spend most of their time to increase awareness of your loyalty program, build a customer base and drive sales.

Retarget Customers and Keep them Engaged

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