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Terms and Conditions for use of Reson8 SMS Loyalty Program

Please read the following terms very carefully as they set out your rights and obligations when you register for, or use any of our services.

As a registered customer of, you agree to these Terms and Conditions

  • This loyalty program is applicable for SMS credits purchased on or after 1st July 2017 only.
  • Inclusion into the Reson8 Loyalty Program is subject to purchase of SMS credits at a minimum rate of AED 0.06 per SMS credit.
  • Loyalty SMS will be credited only once the payment against SMS credit purchase invoice is cleared.
  • Members need to have a minimum balance of 500 Loyalty SMS for redemption.
  • Earned Loyalty SMS will expire 1 year from date of being credited to the customer's account.
  • In order to move from current tier to the next tier, customer will be required to achieve the required credits within a year (12 calendar months).
  • Loyalty SMS accrued have no cash or monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash in any form.
  • Loyalty SMS earned vary by nature of spends/tiers.
  • Loyalty SMS are not applicable for Free / Complimentary SMS given by the company.
  • The Loyalty SMS are nontransferable to any other account.
  • Members become a Gold member upon joining (if the initial purchase is of 1000 SMS credits or more).
  • No offer / Loyalty SMS is applicable to purchase of email credits.
  • Unique Computer Systems LLC expressly reserves the rights at any time and without any previous notice to alter, modify, change, cancel or vary the rate at which the Loyalty SMS are awarded and redeemed.


If you have any comments or questions please contact us at

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