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Reson8 started its digital communications journey with SMS and Email and soon became the go-to tool for several of our customers in banking, transportation, retail, healthcare, and other key industries.

In its resilient technological endeavors, Unique Computer Systems continued to nurture and grow Reson8 and has now added WhatsApp Business Account integration and messaging into its offering.

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WhatsApp has become the 1st tool for interactive conversations and an absolutely critical personal and business engagement tool across South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Connect with your customers globally across any mobile OS, device, or carrier

Reson8 has now added a new feature, aptly named, as Reson8 Conversations to support use of WhatsApp Business Account and conversational AI automation as well as an agent interface for human agents to support your employees, customers and key points of contact.

Using Reson8 Conversations, our valued clients can now provide support via WhatsApp, website, Facebook Messenger and other channels to answer common questions, with natural language processing engines enabling them to understand questions and provide appropriate answers. Reson8 Conversations, if extended to provide conversational automation using chatbots, can be used to guide customers or employees through common tasks, provide self-service, and teach them how to use products and services.

Also, when the chatbot is unable to address the inquirer's queries, can fall back on human agent support, which is where Reson8 Conversations provides a multi-agent interface for human agent to pick-up, and review the transferred conversation history between the chatbot and the inquirer and carry forward to provide support to quickly resolve issues.

To learn more about how Reson8 Conversations and built conversational workflows, please drop us an email or chat with our virtual agent!

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