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Text messaging is an excellent tool for engaging and building loyalty with Retail and F&B customers

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In modern and cosmopolitan cities, consumers have rapidly moved to using smartphones as their primary interface to shopping, dining and entertainment information. Using SMS to interact with these consumers for reservations, purchases and reminders keeps them engaged and helps in building loyalty.

New Store Openings

Customers loyal to a brand or a shopping venue can be notified of new store or restaurant openings using SMS and to get them to plan their presence or to request reservations. By targeting customers based on their preference and areas of interest or based on location, will ensure increase in footfall for the store. Enhancing the communication with limited time, first arrival offers can also raise the level of interest and response from the target recipients.

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Loyalty Updates

Customers that sign up for loyalty programs are doing so to gain value from business given to their preferred stores. These customers can be delighted by sending them "early access" SMS alerts to upcoming promotions, offers and sales, prior to the general public.

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Product Availability

Using 2 way SMS connected with ordering and stock systems, retail businesses can allow customers to check for availability of a product or hard to find variations of their favorite products at their stores. By using 2 way SMS customers can reserve these products and have them available at time of collection.

Customers can also be directed to online payment options for the reserved products to ensure a sale for the retailer. Retailers can also manage disappointment of non-availability by offering alternatives or discounts via response SMS messages with links to their website or ecommerce portals.

Reson8 product availability
Restaurant Reservations

A SMS alert to confirm a restaurant reservation help both the F&B outlet to ensure the customer visit and also provide the comfort to the customer that their reservation will be looked after by the F&B outlet. With options in the SMS to respond for changes, cancellation or delays, the F&B outlet can also manage no shows or cater to specific customer requirements, thus enhancing the customer's experience and building the customer's affinity and loyalty for the outlet.

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