Real estate industry professional understand the value of prompt follow up and response to customer needs. Inaction, late response or lack of knowledge may lead to a major loss.

Realtors need to employ clever text messaging solutions to make sure they maintain a good relation and communication channel with their audience of potential buyers.

Using SMS, proactive real estate agents and professionals can:

Reson8 real estate sms marketing campaigns

  • Send alerts to prospective customers of new properties that may be available for rental or purchase
  • Quickly capture and transmit lead information
  • Providing a short code for potential buyers to SMS and enquire on pricing and availability of a property
  • Providing a short code for customer call back actions
  • Automatic alerts for buyers when a property comes up for sale or a seller when a price matching their requirement is met

The obvious advantages are the savings in cost of printing and telephone calls along with the benefits of better response and a better customer experience.

To learn more about how text messaging and SMS campaigns can enhance your property marketing and sales strategies, visit and get your free 30-day trial.

Visit and get your free 30-day trial!


Reson8 Online is the Web based option to easily and cost effectively send SMS to customers and personnel for marketing, notifications or alerts.

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