During the holy month of Ramadan, both retail and F&B outlets will see a severe change in their operating hours and customer engagement. Customers actively demonstrate an increased interest in food sites and recipes as well as gifts for their loved ones.

Google recently published data that clearly shows that people across the MENA region spend more time online, use their smartphones more and watch more YouTube videos during Ramadan.

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Retail and F & B Outlets need to be prepared for the decrease in day time dining and business, with offers and value being offered during Iftar and Suhoor to cater to their target audience.

These outlets must prepare their marketing and communications in advance and use just in time notifications to promote their Ramadan offers. Successful marketers can identify their target audience, tailor their creative digital communications with respect of their customers beliefs and share their good will and offers in the theme of Ramadan.

By using Reson8 for SMS campaigns, retail and F&B outlets can prepare a multi-lingual greeting or offer message and schedule it to be sent to the customer at the right time with the right offer that will put a smile of the target customer’s face and encourage the customer to engage with the outlet. Messages can also include links to offer more detailed information about the offer and also provide information on the recipient’s engagement with the message so that the retail and F&B outlet can use this for re-marketing and marketing automation.

The opportunity in SMS communication is clear for marketers who act now! Setup your trial account to test out Reson8 and get in touch with us to see how we can help you send your valuable communications to your target audience.

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Reson8 Online is the Web based option to easily and cost effectively send SMS to customers and personnel for marketing, notifications or alerts.

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