The Hospitality industry has seen several years of growth and challenges. Adopting creative marketing strategies have been crucial to maintaining customer interest and differentiation.

With a growing number of customers on the move and use of smartphones features phones increasing, the industry has to adopt new marketing channels such as text messaging and mobile applications.

Hotels and Travel organizations need to employ clever text messaging solutions to make sure they maintain a good relations and communication channel with their audience of travelers and guests.

Using SMS, proactive hospitality providers can:

Reson8 Hospitality sms marketing campaigns

  • Send alerts to travelers for confirmations or changes to travel itineraries or booking confirmations
  • Providing a short code for customers to send enquiries or confirm participation or arrival
  • Providing a short code for customer call back actions
  • Provide exclusive offers to members or loyalty programs
  • Offer last minute deals for food and beverages

The obvious advantage are the savings in cost of printing and telephone calls along with the benefits of better response and a better customer experience.

To learn more about how text messaging and SMS campaigns can enhance your property marketing and sales strategies, visit and get your free 30-day trial.

Visit and get your free 30-day trial!


Reson8 Online is the Web based option to easily and cost effectively send SMS to customers and personnel for marketing, notifications or alerts.

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