Inform, remind, alert, and authenticate using either one-way or two-way SMS messaging

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Text messaging is the fastest and most convenient methods of providing instant gratification for customers . Using SMS - for alerts, notifications, reminders - a business can keep customers up to date, help them meet their commitments and make it to their appointments on time, thus providing superior customer experiences.

Card Activation

Providing an automated option to activate new credit or debit cards using SMS ensures immediate activation for spending, security, and customer satisfaction. 2-way SMS for first-time use activation can securely and accurately help confirm the card activation by the authorized customers and provide them the convenience to immediately benefit from the use of their cards.

Reson8 Card Activation
Balance Alerts

Using intelligent automated alerts, banks and financial institutes can notify their customers of available balance on their accounts and credit cards to help them better manage their finances. Customers can also be provided "pull" SMS options to request their credit card or account balances.

Reson8 Balance Alerts
Bill Reminders

To help prevent late fees, missed payments and reduce payment processing costs, automated bill payment reminders can be sent to customers several days prior to their due date.

Reson8 Bill Reminders
Purchase Alerts

With the increase in customers using smartphones for their online purchases, businesses need to keep up in providing them a convenient and immediate service alerts confirming their purchases or any issues that might prevent a satisfactory shopping experience. Using SMS alerts, customers can immediately be notified of confirmed orders along with delivery dates and

Reson8 Purchase Alerts
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Reson8 Online is the Web based option to easily and cost effectively send SMS to customers and personnel for marketing, notifications or alerts.

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