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  • Marketing and Corporate SMS — Bulk and 2-Way SMS solution for sending messages to all your customers or to a personalized list
  • Role-Based Access Control — Defined roles and permissions for users within a company. Prepare groups based on business roles and allocate use as needed
  • Message processing infrastructure — On-premise or hosted options for an easy to integrate and immediate messaging solution. A middleware system to receive and process SMS requests, and "pull messaging" from customers
  • Message scheduling — Send communication at the right time to address customers´ needs and for the best response rates
  • Manage and Track Campaigns — Prepare campaigns, upload recipient lists, send messages and review campaign statistics
  • Developers API — An API for building custom solutions or enterprise integration to send, and track text messages

Reson8 SMS | SMS Marketing
Methods of Using
Reson8 SMS platform allows you to Send, Receive, Track and Analyse your text messaging campaigns with ease
Reson8 API
Reson8 API
Reson8 offers web services based and HTTP API based access for enterprise and independent developers to enhance their applications with SMS messaging. UCS also provides sample codes to help developers easily integrate Reson8 into the applications.
Reson8 Online
Reson8 Online
With built-in templates, support for multiple languages, contact and group management, messaging scheduling, extended messaging and detailed reporting, it's a comprehensive web based solution to meet your mobile communication needs.
Reson8 Enterprise
Reson8 Enterprise
An enterprise level SMS platform provided by UCS provides you with high-level flexibility in deploying a messaging solution. It consists of a Enterprise Web Interface, and Enterprise communications platform.
Reson8 Excel
Reson8 Excel
Also has a free Excel plug-in which can be used to send SMS messages directly from Microsoft Excel 2011 and above. Using this plug-in the user can send personalized customized messages.
Reson8 Desktop
Reson8 Desktop
The Windows desktop client allows you to send SMS messages directly from your Windows desktop. It provides functionality to send personalized SMS messages.
Reson8 GSM
Reson8 GSM
A Windows service that can connect to n-number of modems and read messages from them and store them into a database/excel/sheet/csv files.
Reson8 SMS Integration with 3rd Party Applications
Public Shared Function SendSMS(ByVal api_url As String, ByVal username As String, ByVal password As String, ByVal msg_body As String, ByVal msg_encoding As String, ByVal country_code As String, ByVal area_code As String, ByVal recipients As String, ByVal msg_header As String) As String

    Dim response As String = Nothing

    Dim request_data As New NameValueCollection()

    request_data.Add("SenderName", username)
    request_data.Add("Password", password)
    request_data.Add("MessageBody", msg_body)
    request_data.Add("Encoding", msg_encoding)
    request_data.Add("CountryCode", country_code)
    request_data.Add("AreaCode", area_code)
    request_data.Add("MessageRecipients", recipients)
    request_data.Add("MsgHeader", msg_header)
    request_data.Add("MCC", "")
    request_data.Add("MNC", "")

    Using wc As New WebClient()
        wc.Headers("Content-type") = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
        response = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(wc.UploadValues(api_url, "POST",
    End Using

    Return response
End Function
public static String SendSMS(String api_url, String username, String password, String msg_body, String msg_encoding, String country_code, String area_code, String recipients, String msg_header) throws Exception
    String response = null;

    URL url;
    HttpURLConnection connection = null;

    try {
        url = new URL(api_url);
        connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
        connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form

        String urlParameters = "SenderName=" + URLEncoder.encode(username, "U
                + "&Password=" + URLEncoder.encode(password, "UTF-8")
                + "&MessageBody=" + URLEncoder.encode(msg_body, "UTF-8")
                + "&Encoding=" + URLEncoder.encode(msg_encoding, "UTF-8")
                + "&CountryCode=" + URLEncoder.encode(country_code, "UTF-8")
                + "&AreaCode=" + URLEncoder.encode(area_code, "UTF-8")
                + "&MessageRecipients=" + URLEncoder.encode(recipients, "UTF-8")
                + "&MsgHeader=" + URLEncoder.encode(msg_header, "UTF-8")
                + "&MCC=MNC=";

        connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Language", "en-US");


        DataOutputStream wr = new DataOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream());

        BufferedReader rd = new BufferedReader(new
        String line;
        StringBuffer responseBuffer = new StringBuffer();
        while ((line = rd.readLine()) != null) {

        if (connection != null) { connection.disconnect(); connection = null; }
    return response;
Public Function SendSMS(ByVal api_url As String, ByVal username As String, ByVal password As String, ByVal msg_body As String, ByVal msg_encoding As String, ByVal country_code As String, ByVal area_code As String, ByVal recipients As String, ByVal msg_header As String) As String
Dim http As Object

Set http = CreateObject("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
http.Open "POST", api_url, False
http.SetRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
http.Send "SenderName=" & username & "&Password=" & password & "&MessageBody=" & msg_body & "&Encoding=" & msg_encoding & "&CountryCode=" & country_code & "&AreaCode=" & area_code & "&MessageRecipients=" & recipients & "&MsgHeader=" & msg_header & "&MCC=&MNC="

SendSMS = http.ResponseText

Set http = Nothing
End Function
public static string SendSMS(string api_url, string username, string password, string msg_body, string msg_encoding,
string country_code, string area_code, string recipients, string msg_header)

{ string response = null;

 NameValueCollection request_data = new NameValueCollection();

 request_data.Add("SenderName", username);
 request_data.Add("Password", password);
 request_data.Add("MessageBody", msg_body);
 request_data.Add("Encoding", msg_encoding);
 request_data.Add("CountryCode", country_code);
 request_data.Add("MessageRecipients", recipients);
 request_data.Add("MsgHeader", msg_header);
 request_data.Add("MCC", "");
 request_data.Add("MNC", "");

 using (WebClient wc = new WebClient())
     wc.Headers["Content-type"] = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";
     response = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(wc.UploadValues(api_url, "POST", request_data));


  return response;
function SendSMS($api_url, $username, $password, $msg_body, $msg_encoding, $country_code, $area_code, $recipients, $msg_header) { 


$params = array('http' => array(
            'method' => 'POST',
            'content' => $data

$ctx = stream_context_create($params); $fp = @fopen($api_url, 'rb', false, $ctx);

 if (!$fp) {     
    throw new Exception("Problem with $api_url, $php_errormsg");
$response = @stream_get_contents($fp); 

if ($response === false) {     
    throw new Exception("Problem reading data from $api_url, $php_errormsg"); 
return $response; 

def SendSMS(api_url, username, password, msg_body, msg_encoding, country_code, area_code, recipients, msg_header)
url = URI.parse(api_url)
request =

request.content_type = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
request.body = 'SenderName=' + username + '&Password=' + password + '&MessageBody=' + msg_body + '&Encoding=' + msg_encoding + '&CountryCode=' + country_code + '&AreaCode=' + area_code + '&MessageRecipients=' + recipients + '&MsgHeader=' + msg_header + '&MCC=&MNC='

response = Net::HTTP.start(, url.port) {|http| http.request(request)}

return response.body

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